Sustainable and very effective program to manage Airport's Wildlifestrike risk





 Tecnoag is a reality that has been studying,
in collaboration with relevant agencies and international experts ,
the behavior of birds and wildlife in relation to human activities.

The mission of Tecnoag is to create and develop methods, procedures and tools,
also mutually integrated,
to mitigate the damage caused by the presence of hazardous wildlife.

Tecnoag caters especially to the areas agricultural / livestock and Airport areas for which Tecnoag has already created innovative systems of deterrence and clearance of birds,
the effectiveness of which has been recognized worldwide
(Falco - robot GBRS, Alarm call, Falkoon™, etc ... ).

Tecnoag employs experts, already members of important scientific institutions
(ICAO, University, International Birdstrike committee) for the development and implementation of systems regarding the Wildlife Management.

Tecnoag's team of experts can develop sustainable and very effective program to manage Airport's Wildlifestrike risk, that includes:

- Wildlife hazard assessment
- Wildlife Hazard Management Plan
- Wildlife Management Training
- Wildlife Management Program based on International Standard and following Icao's Best Practice.

Falco Robot GBRS

ALARM CALL by tecnoag